Dear Csaba,Dear Ben,Dear Wedding-Photographer-Team, we are certain, that every couple you ever shot photographs for returned with a lovely email with words of praise and thanks. Even if we risk sounding repetitive, allow us to express our heartfelt gratitude for capturing a day that was so perfect for us in such a variety of facets and colours. We had known from the very start, that you guys would deliver an extremely high level of creativity, observation of meaningful details and joy for what you do. But seeing the result of your hard work blew us completely away and surpassed our wildest hopes. We love seeing such a complete documentary of the day. But we are particularly pleased with the many wonderfully edgy shots! The daring close-ups, the obscure angles, extreme wide angles, the obstructed shots, courageous compositions, vintage-edits and inventive colour-graded images are a testament to the photographic vision of your business and hand-picked team members. Ben, you are not only blessed with a great eye and ideas but you turned out to be such a pleasant companion and part of our wedding guest crowd. You were so unstoppable! As the night had progressed into the late hours, we reminded you so often to just enjoy yourself now, party with the others, eat and enjoy yourself. You kept going, clearly because you have such a joy and passion for your work. We hope that we were a great couple to work with and that you enjoyed your trip to Lithuania and your being part of our experience. Your gift, dear Ben by putting all this devotion into your work and also your generous gift, dear Csaba by making the whole project affordable to us and your work on selecting/pushing for excellence, are cherished presents to us. So please be assured that you have our deep gratitude. Thank you… …as in „A LOT“!!! You guys ROCK!;-), Sigita & Aris P.S. Did we mention? We LOVE the photos! ????

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