Thanks Csaba, These are beautiful. You’re an amazing artist. I also loved Nic Kelman’s shots. So well done. I hope you’re available to take my author headshot if I ever publish 🙂 Dan Dan forwarded me the below email…. I don’t think Dan and I (as subjects) did your photos justice. You are a brilliant photographer and your work is incredibly beautiful. I wish we were a little more prepared for our photo shoot. Dan was not prepared for the heat or rain, but somehow you managed to capture something special. You certainly have the eye and gift! We enjoyed our time and meeting Barbara, and actually owe you both a dinner. The next time you come through the NY or NJ area, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to see you. And maybe by then, you will have a child of your own. I remember that was next on your to do list. ???? Please send Barbara our best. Dao p.s.- it was fun seeing you in Vienna as well!

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