It was such a pleasure getting to meet you and Barbara, you guys are a wonderful couple and a great team! Jeff and I had such an amazing day and were so honored to be photographed by you! It was a dream come true for me. And even Jeff had a good time too, your energetic personality and enthusiastic spirit really made him comfortable and he enjoyed the day as well. I really wish we had met sooner, I would’ve loved for you to photograph our wedding day, but I know having these photos will be just as good! I am so anxious to see our pictures, I hope they are just as spectacular as the pictures I saw in your photo book! I honestly had the best time shooting with you and I’m thrilled that you’ll be coming back to Miami with new and exciting ideas! Stephanie I’ve been so excited to see these pictures and they are amazing! I have so many that I love, you did a wonderful job photographing us and we had a blast doing it. The whole set as well as the re-touched images are beautiful! The pages you put together of us for your next book are stunning, we can’t wait to see the whole book when it’s completed. We have been traveling – we just spent the Fall in New York and are now back in Florida for a little until next week when we leave for Hawaii and Bora Bora for our honeymoon! Jeff

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