Weddings, anniversaires, company events or birthday parties can be tied down to very straight rules. Of course you can always spice it up with a funny theme, but if you tired of planning, the Photo Booth can do the job for you.

It’s a good activity for your guests, kids and family members to take silly photos all day long to provide memoires for you and themselves. With stylish and funny costumes, hats, giant sunglasses and many other accessories everybody can express themselves. The booth can even print out all the shots, so your guest can walk away with photos and memoires in their hand of the special day.

We collected some of our funniest, happiest and silliest Photo Booth shots. And we had a great time just looking at them.

Check out these hilarious montages!

Photo Booth is available for weddings, birthday parties or any event.

Have a fun time in the booth!

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Destination wedding photographer team by The Wedding Photographer.

 Destination wedding cinematographer team by The Wedding Cinematographer.
Destination wedding photography and destination wedding cinematography exclusively for Arts Illustrated Studios. All rights reserved.

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